Avery Dennison Fasteners MicroPin™/MicroTach™

Avery Dennison Micro Pin Fastener

MicroPin™/MicroTach™ -

Eliminate thread, staple and pins with the new MicroPin/ Micro/Tach fasteners.

Save time, labor and money with the smallest, most versatile Swiftach® fastener.  Better than thread, metal staples or pins, the micro fasteners hold tight and are applied easily with a lightweight, hand-held tool.  The Micro Tach tool can be used to insert the fastener anywhere on the product while the MicroPin tool, with its forward capture loop is used primarily on folded items such as shirts.

The MicroPin is used on shirts by simply hooking the hand-tool's chrome nose around the folded garment and squeezing the tool which attaches the layers of fabric together with the micro fastener.  The result is a beautifully presented garment, with perfectly placed folds and tucks that is securely packaged and ready for retail.

The MicroTach can be used to package items such as dolls cloths and to replace stitching in pleats, drapes and similar items.  In any operation where you are presently using thread, staples or pins, the micro fasteners represents an attractive alternative.


Short fasteners.  Available in lengths of .172" and .215" in both black and white, the fasteners are the shortest on the market and hold items together flush.

Easy to Remove fasteners.  Consumers are no longer required to be extra cautious when removing metal pins from their purchase because micro fasteners literally "pop off" with a gentle tug.

Strong.  The fasteners have a 2 lb tensile strength so they hold firmly yet allow for easy separation.

Safe and easy.  The micro fasteners are safer and easier to use than pins, metal staples or thread.

Portable and Efficient.  The tools are easy to move anywhere in the plant and with 120 fasteners per clip, application is fast and efficient.