Ecotach™ Biodegradable (bio-PP) Fasteners

Avery Dennison EcotachTM Biodegradable (bio-PP) Fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint. The bio-PP Fastener is made out of a proprietary blend of polypropylene material specifically designed to biodegrade in less than a year once it is on soil, without leaving behind any harmful substances. The technology used results in no microplastics so that when a fastener degrades all that is left is carbon dioxide, water and microbes (biomass).

Product #ClassMaterialMinimum Tensile StrengthOverall LengthColor/PMS
17060-0Fine Fabricbio-PP2.5 lbf (1.13 kgf)0.75″ (23mm)Natural
17061-0Fine Fabricbio-PP2.5 lbf (1.13 kgf)1.25″ (32mm)Natural
17062-0Fine Fabricbio-PP2.5 lbf (1.13 kgf)2.25″ (57mm)Natural
17063-0Fine Fabricbio-PP2.5 lbf (1.13 kgf)3.00″ (76mm)Natural

Compatible Tools:

  • Mark III Fine Fabric Tool (10312-0)
  • Fine Fabric Scissor Tool (08946-1)
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Tool (11501-0)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Short Module (SPU2M04)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Long Module (SPU2M02)

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