• Print Method: Thermal Transfer
  • IPS: Up to 12”
  • DPI: 305
  • Print Width: Up to 6.29″
  • Media Width: Up to 6.5”
  • Media Thickness: Up to 0.25mm
  • TECEX6M-Datasheet.pdf
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The TECEX6M printer is ideal for tags, labels and signs up to 6 inches wide. Utilizing the End-To-End Slip-On® tags, various pot tags, and pressure sensitive signs, makes this the most versatile and cost-effective printer in the Horticulture market.  The TECEX6M is available with a 6-inch (305 dpi) print head and
can handle material thickness up to 25 mil at speeds up to 12 inches per second. The TECEX6M comes standard with USB 2.0, LAN 10/100 Base, IPv6 and USB Host/RTC interfaces. RFID is an available option.