Thermal Printing

Texpak is a major industrial supplier of thermal transfer printers, ribbons and labels. We work with virtually all the major printer manufacturers including SATO, Avery Dennison/Monarch, Datamax, CAB, Zebra, and others so that, once we understand your needs, we can suggest the printer that is right for you — not just the one we happen to stock. High quality printers can cost under $500 and heavy duty industrial printers are available for under $1,500.

Our prices on thermal labels and ribbons are extremely competitive. We have hundreds of different size labels in stock and, in addition to standard wax ribbons, we carry resin, wax resin, colored and high heat ribbons for a variety of applications.

We realize that in today’s complex world, tags may be designed in New York, data entered in Los Angeles and the tag or label eventually printed in China or Bangladesh. Our software and printers are designed to meet these needs.

Ultimately, if you use one or two labels and the information on your labels rarely changes, you likely don’t need an in-plant printing system. On the other hand, if you use many different labels or the information on the label changes regularly you should seriously consider an in-plant printing system and Texpak is here to help you figure out what system is best for your business. For a quick reference guide on choosing which label solution is right for you and your company, please see our brief summary of options.