Clips, Cable Ties, and Hooks

In 1948, Texpak introduced the first packaging clip and has remained the acknowledged leader in this field for over seventy years. In the 1960’s we introduced the first plastic clip which users often refer to as Jet® clips. Since then, we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our customers find the right packaging solutions to fit their needs. We know that what might work for one customer is no guarantee that it will work for another. Because of that, we’ve been continuously developing new products to meet market needs, and our numerous patents attest to our commitment to constantly maintain state-of-the-art quality, technology and value.

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In addition to innovating within the packaging clip market, Texpak is also a large distributor of Avery Dennison cable ties. Avery Dennison adheres to the toughest standards in the industry, browse here to find our which cable tie is right for you.

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Texpak also supplies a wide variety of hooks that are attached to products so that they can be properly displayed by the retailer. These include our swinger hooks, insert hooks and hanging Kam® Tabs.

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