Apparel Content and Care Labels


At Texpak we take pride in being one of the leading suppliers of care labels for the apparel industry. We offer apparel manufacturers several methods for in-plant production of every type of care label the industry uses.

  • Our sheet fed laser system is ideal for small manufacturers who need a high quality label but don’t want to purchase specialized equipment for this purpose. Laser labels can be easily formatted for most existing laser printers with our Carefree® software; we’ll even help set it up for you.
  • If you want to print, cut and stack high quality care labels on-site we can provide you with all of the material and specialized equipment for this purpose.
  • If you don’t want to print your own care labels, Texpak can do it for you. We print runs as short as 1,000 labels up to large multi-colored orders of 1,000,000 labels or more.
  • Texpak originated the pin-fed dot matrix label system, for which we still can offer materials.

If you are interested in learning more about the services we provide for the apparel industry you can read more here.

Every day Texpak helps our customers with special labeling needs, contact us today to see how we can help you.

Material for In-Plant Printing

blank_care labels

We stock a full line of materials used to print care labels. These include three types of cellulose, confil, remay, acetate, poly-cotton, tyvek and polyester. Call us for a free sample card which includes all the label materials we manufacture as well as samples of labels and tags printed with our Carefree software system.

Pre-printed Care Labels

pwo_lbsIf you need immediate delivery of care labels, we have special short-runs equipment that can fill your needs within 24 hours. If you require high quality pre-printed care labels, our quality is unsurpassed. By offering a high quality product at competitive prices with on time delivery, we have become an acknowledged leader in the field.


Tagless Labels for Apparel and Screen Printed Items


Over the years tagless labels have increased in popularly and are now used on a wide variety of items including high priced designer garments, leather and even delicate fabrics. Aside from the many marketing advantages tagless labels offer the manufacturer the primary reason their market share has increased is simple: consumers prefer tagless labels. They are comfortable and never itch.

All our tagless labels are produced in the United States for quick turn around, and many label materials for in plant printing are in stock for immediate delivery. Some printed labels can be shipped within a few days and even custom woven labels from our overseas plants can be delivered within 2 weeks.

Stock Apparel Labels, Tags and Stickers


The apparel industry has many stock tags that are unique. These include “inspected by” and “size stickers” as well as defect stickers, folding pin tickets and woven size labels. Because so many manufactures need small quantities of each of these items they are stocked and available for immediate delivery.

Military and Uniform confirming labels

MilitaryTexpak has many customers who manufacture military apparel and uniforms for police and fire departments.  These garments require labels that are fire resistant, fire retardant and/or can withstand multiple washes with maximum colorfastness.  We work with our customers to assure them that they are getting labels that can pass the AATCC, DDD-L-20F and MIL-DTL-32075 wash requirements.  We do this work so you don’t have to!  Our vast experience with these types of labels make Texpak the ideal partner to work with in finding the right label for your military or uniform needs.

Woven Labels for Garments and Other Products


Woven Labels can be finished in various ways depending on your requirements. They can be end folded (folded on both ends), center folded (looped), miter folded (hooked label), or finished on all sides. We weave all standard materials such as taffeta, twill, damask and satin. The label ends can be sonically cut to prevent unraveling. Manufacturers that have recently switched to Texpak tell us that our quality and prices can’t be beat. If you have a label that you are planning to reorder, send us samples and we will have you a quote within a few days. If you are designing a new label we can help you and even get you woven samples that will show you exactly what your label will look like. On all woven labels we offer two week delivery.

shade marking Labels

shade marking_jpegTexpak remains the leading distributor of Checkpoint®/Meto shade marking tools, labels and ink rollers in the Western Hemisphere. This system eliminates the need to move material to a central location. Instead the labeler is brought to the material for a time and cost-efficient system. Meto® is the inventor of hand held shade marking and is the established leader in this field. We have been supplying the apparel industry with Meto® shade marking equipment for over 20 years and has the knowledge to recommend the correct tool and adhesive for every application.  We stock a complete line of labels from styles with extremely aggressive adhesives designed to hold on slippery or coated materials to extremely light adhesives for delicate fabrics. Since the shade marking label goes directly on the garment, it is extremely important to choose the correct adhesive.