Hooks and Hang Tabs


Swinger and J Hooks for Hosiery

Swinger hooks are one of the most popular methods of tagging textile products, gloves and hosiery which are displayed hanging at the retailers. Hooks are available in white, black, blue, red and custom colors and are produced either loose or in cartridge form. Cartridge hooks are applied automatically with the MAT® machine while lose hooks can be applied with wither power equipment or handguns. These are a cost effective way to produce an attractive package.

Loose hooks

Loose Hooks

Teweka® hooks are inserted into headers which are folded over hosiery or textile packages. Once inserted, the Teweka® hook will remain locked in place even if subject to rough handling.

Teweka® Hook


Kam Tabs for hanging products

More and more retailers want merchandise arriving ready to hang, and pressure sensitive Kam® Tabs are the answer. They are the simplest way to make any product hang-able and are available either in loose or in rolled form for automatic application to bags or boxes. Kam® tabs are also used to repair damaged or returned merchandise.

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Just peel…


 and apply!


 Roll Tabs