MAT® and MAT LLM Automatic Tagging Unit

Now you can dramatically cut the cost of your tagging operation and increase productivity with the ultra-fast and very affordable MAT® automatic tag attaching system.

Faster than manual tagging, the MAT® automatically feeds and attaches up to three different size and shape tags quickly and efficiently. Each hopper easily adjusts as tag dimensions change and tag feeders can be used together or separately depending on production requirements.

Texpak invented the MAT® machine and reacquired rights to the machine several years ago from Brother International. Because of this, we’ve been able to reduce the price of the MAT® machine, making it more attractive than ever.

The MAT® machine comes in three versions:

MAT® One Tagger


MAT® Two Tagger


Because there is nothing else like this out there on the market, we get a lot of questions about the MAT® machine. To view our Frequently Asked Questions, click here. If you would like to talk to one of our sales staff to see if a MAT® machine makes sense for your operations, contact us here.

Watch the video below to see the MAT® machine in action: