There isn’t a style of fastener we don’t sell: Micro fasteners, Paddle fasteners, T-end fasteners, Hook-tach, Loop-fasteners, Industrial Buttoneer® fasteners, Secur-a-tach®, and many others are all in-stock in our warehouse. We stock the three main base materials: Polypropylene , Polyurethane and Nylon. However, we now also carry Avery Dennison’s full line of Ecotach fasteners, made from recycled plastics. Below you’ll see most of the style of what we stock. However, if you have any specific needs that you don’t see here, or have any questions and would like to talk to one of our knowledgeable sales staff please contact us here.



Avery Dennison’s smallest, most versatile fastener, Micro Fasteners save time, labor and money, and offer a better alternative to thread, glue, metal staples and pins. The: MicroTach™ Pistol-Grip Attaching Tool is the only tool that works with these fasteners. This is a unique T-End™ fastener that secures items tightly and quickly, yet is easy to remove. Ideal for packaging shirts and dress socks, tagging lingerie, swimwear and other highly elastic or tight weaves; and for packaging soft goods.

A quick tug is all it takes to remove a Micro Fastener. Good news when you consider that consumer surveys show that 99% of customers prefer plastic micro fasteners to pins when unwrapping a shirt. For one thing, customers don’t have to worry about getting stuck by pins when removing micro fasteners. With a simple tug, the fastener pops free and the consumer is ready to enjoy the product. No hidden pins in the fabric. No sharp pins on the floor. Shirts look better on display, too. Furthermore, no holes in the fabric means merchandise can go back on the shelf, instead of the clearance rack. Micro Fasteners come only in the T-End shape, and are supplied 120 per clip for long periods of uninterrupted fastener application; they are available in 4 different sizes.



The most commonly used shape for garment tagging applications. Its larger end, the paddle, is designed in a way that once applied it will not come back through the hole in the tag. It also gives the consumer a larger surface to hold and pull when removing. They come in Fine Fabric, Standard, Heavy Duty and S1000 rolls. These fasteners work in the following handheld tools:


T-end fastener illustration

With ends less visible than paddle fasteners, T-Ends are used for tagging, pairing products and packaging. Available in: Micro, Fine Fabric, Standard, Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty. These fasteners work in the following handheld tools:



Used primarily as a mini-hanger for soft goods, such as caps, socks, gloves and scarves. Available in Standard and Heavy Duty. Hook-Tach fasteners work in the following handheld tools:



Both ends of the fastener are consecutively fired through the tool so they anchor at two different points and the filament serves as a loop. They are commonly used to hang goods, pair materials or secure labels. Available in Heavy Duty and Super Heavy Duty. The Loop-Fastener works with the following tools:


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These fasteners form a loop when applied, and significantly, they don’t require goods to be penetrated with an insertion needle. The fastener cannot be removed without destroying the loop or damaging the tags. The system eliminates the need to use time-consuming, hand-applied fasteners or string, hard-to-handle clips or dangerous pins to achieve loop-type fastening. The only tool this works with is the Super Looper (also known as a V-tool).



The fastener’s rivet shaped head makes it ideal for securing rubber and other elastic materials. The Buttoneer® fastener is applied with the Industrial Buttoneer® System.


stringtach white_black
secur-a-tie+break illustration

Mostly used in applications where piercing the material with a needle is not an option, these fasteners are all hand applied and will secure the tag or group the goods together. The Secur-a-tach® comes in lengths of 3”, 5” and 8”, while the Secur-a-Tie® are uniform and can be tightened to various lengths. To learn more about the other cable tie products we sell, please click here.