Metal Shirt Clip

Texpak invented the Metal Shirt Clip (Perfex™ clip) over 60 years ago.  It was, and still is, used primarily on shirts to prevent damage caused by pins, and to upgrade the appearance of expensive custom shirts. If you manufacture custom shirts and want a sophisticated image, you should be using the Texpak Metal Shirt Clip to keep your shirts neatly folded.

In recent years we have modified our design so that the clips are easier to apply than the competition’s product, while still holding well on both thin and thick folded shirts.  In short, our clip is the best kind on the market.

Made from stainless steel, the Metal Shirt Clip is available at an extremely competitive price (we are regularly better priced than what you might typically find on Amazon or Alibaba). In addition, we stock this item in the US, so most shipments are sent within 24 hours.

Please contact us today to see if this is the right clip for you.