Pre-printed and Partially Pre-printed Tags

Texpak supplies companies across various different industries with their tags and tagging needs. In fact, we pride ourselves on working with our customers to find the right tagging materials, designs and printing solutions that work best for their brands. There are two main types of pre-printed tags that we provide our customers:

Fully pre-printed tags

full_preprint_tagWe’ll make recommendations on the right materials to use for your tags and then deliver them cut and stacked for you to fasten to your product.



Partially pre-printed tags

partial_preprint_tagWe can print any design and information on a variety of tagging materials, leaving a blank space (or even whole side) where you can print on-site whatever variable information is needed (size, bar code, price, etc…).



Whether you’re looking for fully pre-printed tags that are pre-cut and stacked or partially pre-printed tags on rolls, Texpak can help find the right solution for your business, contact us today.