Handheld Fastening Tools

Whether you are folding a shirt, pairing socks, packaging towels or if you have a heavier application, such as packaging bath or car mats, in almost all cases there will be a fastening tool that can address your needs. At Texpak, we know how important it is to not damage your product when using fasteners. That’s where our expertise in fasteners and fastening tools can help you figure out what is best for your application. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the Avery Dennison handheld fastening tools we carry. If you are looking for increased productivity you should consider one of our industrial fastening units. If you’re unsure of what the right tool and fastener combination is right for you, please contact us and one of our sales staff would be more than glad to help you.

You can view the full needle selection, and corresponding hand guns here.

Micro Fastener Tools

Avery Dennison’s smallest, most versatile fastener, Micro Fasteners save time, labor and money, and offer a better alternative to thread, glue, metal staples and pins. Three tools are available to safely and quickly apply Micro Fasteners to items: MicroTach™ Pistol-Grip Attaching Tool, MicroPin™; Standard Hook; and MicroPin™, Extended Hook. Each tool has an outside needle diameter of .047” and employs advanced technology that is gentle on fabric.

The small diameter needle delivers a unique T-End™ fastener that secures items tightly and quickly, yet is easy to remove. Ideal for packaging shirts and dress socks, tagging lingerie, swimwear and other highly elastic or tight weaves; and for packaging soft goods. The Micro Fastener needle is the thinnest needle ever created, and it also features a new surface polish technique that further prevents it from damaging fabrics.

MicroTach™ Pistol-Grip Attaching Tool (No. 11040)


A lightweight hand tool with metal feed mechanism for durability and greater reliability. Perfect for attaching soft goods to card stock or basting fabric material during in-process manufacturing.


MicroPin™, Standard Hook (No. 11044)

MicroPin Tool

The ergonomically designed MicroPin™ Tool is easy and safe to use, and is specifically designed to fit into current industry shirt-folding methods. The unique aluminum hook eliminates the need to hold the garment from behind when inserting the needle.



MicroPin™, Extended Hook (No. 11045)

MicroPin Tool_extended

Compared to the 11044 tool, the extended hook allows the fastener to be placed further in from the edge. Ideal for fixing cuffs to the front of a shirt.


Fine Fabric Tools

Delicate applications are no problem. Fine Fabric™ tools and fasteners reduce the risk of creating holes and snags when attaching tags to intermediate weaves, either at the woven label or at the seam. Fasteners are available in custom colors. The Fine Fabric family includes paddle-end fasteners, which are used to prevent ticket switching and resulting inventory shortages. Users can choose between polypropylene and nylon for added strength.

Mark III™ Fine Fabric Pistol-Grip Tool (No. 10312)


The general purpose Fine Fabric Pistol-Grip hand tool accepts both 50- and 100-fastener clips.


Mark V™ Fine Fabric Hand Tool (No. 11501)


The Mark V™ Standard hand tool comes with interchangeable Anvil and Tag Holder guards for maximum tagging flexibility and reduced operator risk. This tool is ideal for tagging delicate and tightly knit fabrics, such as: infant wear, intimates and undergarments, and swimwear.

Fine Fabric Scissor-Grip Tool (No. 08946)


This tool’s scissor-grip is designed for tagging hanging and flat goods. The Scissor Grip Tool accepts a 50-fastener clip.


Soft Grip Tool (No. 16001)


The Soft Grip Fine Fabric hand tool is designed with a cushioned, non-slip grip for user comfort and safety.  It accepts both 50- and 100- fastener clips.


Standard Fastening Tools

Invented by Avery Dennison in the early 1960’s it is still the industry’s preference for attaching tags. Each tool is comfortable, lightweight, and is designed to be durable and reliable.

Mark III™ Pistol Tool (No. 10651)


The industry standard! Its ergonomic design and an easy-squeeze mechanism makes it the number one choice for tagging applications. The tool accepts 50- and 100-fastener clips.


Mark II™ Standard Scissor Tool (No. 08945)


The unique Swiftach® scissor style tool is designed for tagging many flat or hanging goods. The tool accepts 50-fastener clips.


Mark III™ Long Needle Pistol Tool (No. 10636)


The extra long stroke and needle are designed for tagging multiple layers or bulky merchandise. The tool accepts 50- and 100-fastener clips.


Mark V™ Standard Hand Tool (No. 11500)


The Mark V™ Standard hand tool comes with interchangeable Anvil and Tag Holder guards for maximum tagging flexibility and reduced operator risk. This tool is most commonly used for tagging general-purpose and heavy-duty fabrics, such as: jeans and pants, performance and graphic tees, shirts and blouses, and outerwear.

Soft Grip (No. 16000)


The comfortable Soft Grip has a cushioned, non-slip grip. The tool accepts 50- and 100-fastener clips.



Super and Extra Heavy Duty Fastening Tools

Invented by Avery Dennison in the early 1960’s it is still the industry’s preference for attaching tags. Each tool is comfortable, lightweight, and is designed to be durable and reliable.

Long Needle Pistol Tool – For use with Super Heavy Duty Fasteners (No. 10637)


The Super Heavy Duty’s sturdy construction and long 10643 needle make it an excellent choice when you need to go through think material for heavy fastening applications, such as carpet, leather, or packaging.

Extra Heavy Duty T-End™ Hand Tool (No. 10778)


Save time and money with the system designed to simplify in-process shoe lasting. High tensile strength fasteners hold shoe eyelets securely. Designed for use with Super Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty fasteners, the tool comes with Blunt Needle 10776 and also accepts Pointed Tip Needle 10777.


System 1000® Family

Swiftach® System 1000 (No. 10000-3)


Tag 1000 garments without reloading! This unit features a unique mechanism that helps prevent gun jams and advances proprietary “connected paddle” fasteners smoothly to save effort and maximize productivity. The system accepts a reel containing 1,000 fasteners– that’s up to twenty times more than standard attaching tools, which typically accommodate clips containing 50 or 100 fasteners, reducing the need to reload smaller clips of fasteners.


 System 1000® Industrial Pneumatic Tool (No. SPU5P S1000)

SPU5P S1000 Pneu Tool

Add information, brand identification and value to packaging, as well as pineapple-tagging and other horticultural operations, with the System 1000 Pneumatic Tool, the lightest, most advanced tagging tool available.

The portable, lightweight tool, which features excellent balance to minimize operator fatigue, accommodates reels of 1000 fasteners to reduce downtime associated with loading. Its pneumatic driven mechanism provides speed, easy actuation and reliable application. A flow control valve regulates air pressure for smooth, safe operation. A simple push-button knob aids in trouble-free fastener advance.

Built from durable, lightweight aluminum, the tool has all the important features you’ll need to add speed, efficiency and reliability to your high-volume tagging operation. And that means greater profit. When you want to tell your customers about product quality or attributes, you can put patented System 1000 connected paddle fasteners to work. The System 1000 Pneumatic Tool attaches customized printed paddle fasteners to each product without adhesive stickers and rubber bands.

Industrial Buttoneer®, Food Tagging and Horticultural Fastening Systems

Mark II™ Industrial Buttoneer® Scissor-Grip Tool (No. 06110)


The Buttoneer® System is useful in many assembly applications: pleating, bar tacking, spacing, closing or joining. Buttoneer® Tools are reliability tested beyond 2.2 million cycle and the scissor-grip design assures operator comfort even during high volume, industrial use. It is ideal for the automotive industry to attach spacer blocks inside the weather stripping on doors.

Mark III™ Tag Fast Tool (No. 08958-2)

Mark III Tag Fast Tool

Designed for rugged use and specifically the food industry, Tag Fast has a reinforced needle lock and is made of corrosion-resistant materials, including a rubber lanyard. It features drain holes for easy flushing of debris. Extra strong double-paddle fasteners provide a firm grip for easy and complete removal. The Fast Tag tool is FDA approved.

super looper / V-Tool (NO. 13000)

V-toolThe new, highly reliable Avery Dennison V-Tool Fastening System reduces operator fatigue associated with hand-application of loop-fastened tags. Lightweight (about 6 oz.) and ergonomically designed for user comfort, the system efficiently applies loop-fastened tags to belts, handbags, wallets, sunglasses, sporting goods, kitchen utensils, appliances – and much more. V-Tool tags up to 50 items with one clip of fasteners. The fastener cannot be removed without destroying the loop or damaging the tag.

Horticultural Tool Heavy Duty (No. 11057) and Super Heavy Duty (No. 11058)


The Horticultural Fastening System is designed to meet the special tagging needs of the horticultural industry. Special modifications to our Fast Tag tool make it more practical in a horticultural setting. Both tools are made of corrosion-resistant materials and have a drain hole that allows for repeated cleaning.