Frequently Asked Questions about the MAT® Machine

What is a MAT® machine?

The MAT® (Multiple Automatic Tagger) is a machine that can simultaneously attach up to 3 different size and shape tags to virtually any garment.

How many models are there?

Three. A one tag, two tag, and three tag.

How fast is it?

One tag per second. For even unskilled labor, these machines are friendly and increase productivity within the first day of use.

How can it be so fast?

Because the MAT® eliminates down time. As the operator reaches for the next garment, the new set of tags are automatically fed into position.

What is the MAT®’s daily production capacity?

480 to 800 dozen – depending on your operation. Because of its modular design, the MAT® machine is easy to adjust as production requirements change.

How many different size and shape tags can the MAT® machine run at the same time?

Three. From 7/8″ x 1″ to 4-3/8″ x 7-1/2″

Is it easy for the operator to change tags?

Yes! – and fast too! With automatic tag feeding your operator handles only the product being tagged. There’s less repetitive motion, which reduces fatigue and the chance of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

What is the payback period?

With increased productivity, lower labor costs and virtually maintenance free operation, these systems offer a payback period between six months and one year making your purchase of the MAT® machine one of the most cost-effective decisions you can make.