Thermal Ribbons

Texpak is one of the leading suppliers of thermal transfer ribbons to manufacturers and distribution centers throughout the country. With some of the most competitive pricing in the market, we rarely get beat on price!  We stock ribbons for all of the popular printers, including Datamax, Zebra, Sato, Toshiba, Godex, Cab, Avery Dennison and Monarch. We have specific ribbons for all major industrial applications including:

  • Tag imprinting – clothing, retailers, uniforms
  • General labeling – shipping, addressing, retail, bin marking, inventory tracking, ingredient labels
  • Healthcare – pharmaceutical, diagnostic, patient care tracking, test tube labeling
  • Automotive – under the hood labeling, parts identification
  • Outdoor – nursery labels, outdoor retail labels, warning labels, sign boards
  • Extreme environment – chemical drum labeling, circuit board labels, ratings plates, electronic components, industrial labeling
  • Decorative – greeting cards, prime retail labeling, etc.
  • ID Application – ID cards, drivers’ licenses, hunting/fishing licenses
  • Dry Cleaning – permanent care labeling

In addition, certain types of ribbons, when combined with the approved label stock, are UL recommended. While there are many ribbons within each class, the major ribbon types are:

Wax Ribbons

Most widely used for shipping, distribution and product identification labels. Different formulations are available depending on specific requirements. Wax ribbons are formulated in general purpose and low melting point for high speed.

Wax/Resin Ribbons

For labels which require increased scratch and smudge resistance. When used in combination with synthetic label stock this ribbon will produce a label that is resistant to moisture and ultra-violet light. This type of label can stand up to exposure to rain, sun and cold.

Resin Ribbon

Most scratch and smudge resistant. Ideal for applications that require images to stand up to continuous use in factories and distribution centers. Certain formulations are steam press resistant and others are washable and dry-cleanable.

Texpak also offers color and metallic ribbons and specialty products for unusual applications, such as exposure to harsh environments. Our technical staff can work with you on special formulations for specific problems. When you purchase from Texpak you get the highest quality product at competitive prices.