Industrial Equipment Roll Fasteners

If you are using an industrial fastening tool, Texpak can supply you with the continuous reel fasteners for your machine. These tools require special fasteners that are loaded on a continuous reel holding between 10,000 and 25,000, depending on the tool you’re using. These tools add a tremendous amount of efficiency to your operations, and are the only ones that can accommodate exceptionally large reels of fasteners. To view the available fasteners for these tools please see below. You can also find links to the tools themselves if you’re interested in learning if they are right for you and your operations.


Avery Dennison Elastic Staple fastener

The Elastic Staple® Variable Needle System (VNS) and the Industrial Elastic Staple® (IndES) Single Needle System (SNS) require the Avery Dennison Elastic Staple fastener, which is made of either Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) or Avery Dennison’s proprietary Ecotach™ degradable plastic. They come in over a dozen sizes to match your needs. Elastic Staple® Fasteners are strong and durable, causing products stay securely fastened and look more appealing at retail.

The Ecotach™ Elastic Staples can help reduce waste by reducing the amount of single-use plastic that would go into a landfill environment. Ecotach Elastic Staples are made from a proprietary blend of thermoplastic polyurethane material specifically designed to degrade* at an accelerated rate of 10.63% over 45 days in landfill conditions. The technology used results in no microplastics so that when this staple completely degrades, all that is left is carbon dioxide, water, and microbes (biomass). Comparatively speaking, a regular Thermoplastic Polyurethane fastener would degrade ~0% over the same time frame and take anywhere from 20 -30 years to break down and depending on environmental conditions.

In addition to lowering your material costs and reducing packaging material waste, Elastic Staple® fasteners fit easily into just about any automated packaging line where they can eliminate time consuming manual operations. In addition, with no sharp edges, Elastic Staple® Fasteners reduce the risk of damage and injury that can occur with dangerous metal fasteners.



Avery Dennison’s ST9500, as well as the ST9000, use the Plastic Staple Fastener®. Plastic Staple® fasteners are safe and easy to remove. No wonder these fasteners have remained the industry standard since Avery Dennison introduced the first Plastic Staple® fastener in 1988.

Customers prefer Plastic Staple® fasteners because they’re so much easier to remove than sewn bar tacks and, unlike metal staples, won’t damage fabrics. Tickets stay in place until removed by the customer at home so there are fewer lost tickets. These fasteners can also be molded in any color, to match any applications. Unlike thread bar tacks and metals staples, the flexible polymer design of the fastener offers a secure attachment and a low profile, yet allows for easy removal from soft goods with no fabric damage by consumers. The result is fewer returns, less lost tickets and higher customer satisfaction than with other systems or fastening methods.