Ecotach™ Recycled (rPA) Fasteners

Our Ecotach Recycled (rPA) Fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint. Switching to these fasteners for tag or label attaching demonstrates brand innovation and environmental responsibility.

The environmental benefit created by using at least 70% “post consumer” waste from recycled carpets (rPA) is substantial: 

Every master carton of fasteners eliminates 60 sq ft (5.5 sq meters) of carpet which is equivalent to half the sq ft of an average size bedroom in the US*

* The average size of a bedroom in the US is 132 sq ft in a home under 2500 sq ft

These fasteners come in a variety of lengths and in both Standard and Fine Fabric clip form.  Each fastener works with their corresponding Standard and Fine Fabric class of pneumatic or hand held tools.  For full details on available fasteners please view our brochure. 

Texpak Recycled Fasteners – rPADownload

Compatible Tools include:

  • Mark III Fine Fabric Tool (10312-0)
  • Fine Fabric Scissor Tool (08946-1)
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Tool (11501-0)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Short Module (SPU2M04)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Long Module (SPU2M02)
  • Mark III Pistol Tool (10651-0)
  • Mark II Scissor Grip Tool (08945-0)
  • Mark III Long Needle Pistol (10636-0)
  • Soft Grip Standard Tool (16000-0)

Please contact us to learn more about Ecotach Recycled (rPA) Fasteners.