Ecotach™ Recycled (RPP) Fasteners

rPP fasteners are made using at least 30% recycled polypropylene (rPP) derived from single-use take-out containers. The environmental benefits created by using these tagging fasteners can be impactful.

  • Every outer carton of fasteners reduces the landfill load by more than 2.72 lbs (1.236kg) of single-use plastic take-out containers
  • Customers using over 100 million fasteners annually can reduce the landfill load by more than 5,448 lbs (2.471 kg) of plastic take out containers each year

* This is the amount of plastic waste being diverted from the waste stream to our rPP fasteners.

Compatible Tools include:

  • Mark III Fine Fabric Tool (10312-0)
  • Fine Fabric Scissor Tool (08946-1)
  • Mark V Fine Fabric Tool (11501-0)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Short Module (SPU2M04)
  • Mark II Industrial Fine Fabric Long Module (SPU2M02)
  • Mark III Pistol Tool (10651-0)
  • Mark II Scissor Grip Tool (08945-0)
  • Mark III Long Needle Pistol (10636-0)
  • Soft Grip Standard Tool (16000-0)