Avery Dennison Industrial Elastic Staple®

This tool is perfect for businesses that are looking to elevate their brand through innovative solutions that enable designers, improve manufacturing quality and efficiency, and increase consumer appeal and perceived value. The Avery Dennison Elastic Staple® System provides environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers with a solution that reduces packaging waste for a wide variety of products. Faster to apply and safer to remove than conventional competitive solutions, the Elastic Staple™ is a discreet, flexible strap that securely holds or positions a product on a backing card or within a package.

Weighing in at less than 0.002 ounces, the Elastic Staple can reduce the total packaging weight up to 99% when compared with many conventional packaging methods. Products stay neat and secure while allowing consumers to see, feel and touch the products prior to purchasing. Secure, yet convenient removal allows customers to more fully enjoy their purchase.

See the below video and case study to see how we worked with a major manufacturer to change their operations to be more appealing and environmentally sustainable:

Case Study: Consumer Goods packaging solutions.

11601 Industrial Elastic Staple® System (IndES)

Reduces packaging waste and improves productivity when compared with other conventional packaging technologies, such as clam shells, blisters, skin packs, twist ties, cable ties and tapes. The system securely fastens items such as housewares, toys and hardware to backing cards, improving customer interaction with the product. The pneumatically- driven IndES can operate as a standalone unit or integrated into an automatic packaging line.

The IndES unit can apply a fastener in less than 0.5 seconds. Its high-speed capability improves packaging throughput significantly over more manual methods of packaging, and can be easily integrated into automation systems for even greater productivity.

11603 IndES Single Needle Hoisery Sysem (SNS)

Pneumatically driven and is ideal for bundling bulky materials or multiple layers in a single operation. The elasticity of the staple and a needle with an effective length of 3 inches makes this a preferred solution for neatly and securely packaging items such as socks, towels and mats.