Avery Dennison ST9500 Plastic Staple® Fastener System

An industry standard, the Avery Dennison ST9500™ Plastic Staple® System was first introduced over 20 years ago as a model of innovation and quality. The ST9500™ Plastic Staple®, with its unprecedented speed and application flexibility, alongside significant cost efficiency, make it a must for manufacturers looking to respond to the needs of increasingly demanding retailers and customers. The Plastic Staple has always been an ideal solution for tagging trousers, jackets and lingerie; creating washing effects, like whiskers, in jeans; and pairing socks.

Among the features that place the ST9500™ Plastic Staple® Fastener System securely ahead of the competition are:

  • Cycle programmability (1,2,3…10, or continuous)
  • Variable actuation speed adjustment
  • Variable needle spacing (Range 8mm – 12mm)
  • Improved fastener strength
  • Smart machine technology
  • Power converter permits use in 120v or 220v
  • 50% less power consumed
  • No clutch or solenoid
  • No-adjust feed system