Avery Dennison ST9500 Plastic Staple® Fastener System

An industry standard, the Avery Dennison ST9500™ Plastic Staple® System was first introduced over 20 years ago as a model of innovation and quality. The ST9500™ Plastic Staple®, with its unprecedented speed and application flexibility, alongside significant cost efficiency, make it a must for manufacturers looking to respond to the needs of increasingly demanding retailers and customers. The Plastic Staple has always been an ideal solution for tagging trousers, jackets and lingerie; creating washing effects, like whiskers, in jeans; and pairing socks. Since it can easily be removed by the consumer it is being used to replace annoying metal staples on carded products, such as pet toy bandanas.

Among the features that place the ST9500™ Plastic Staple® Fastener System securely ahead of the competition are:

  • Cycle programmability (1,2,3…10, or continuous)
  • Variable actuation speed adjustment
  • Variable needle spacing (Range 8mm – 12mm)
  • Improved fastener strength
  • Smart machine technology
  • Power converter permits use in 120v or 220v
  • 50% less power consumed
  • No clutch or solenoid
  • No-adjust feed system