Print / Cut / Apply – The new PCA Tagging System

For most manufacturers of garments, tagging is the last thing they think about.  But because it’s typically done manually it can take up a significant amount of time and manpower in the production process. 

If you are printing any tags or attaching pre-printed tags to garments or textiles with fasteners, our system can significantly reduce your labor costs.  Our new PCA system includes a printer that cuts and stacks your tags so they are neat and easy to handle. Then your tags can be simply transferred to our MAT machine and quickly applied to your garment.

The MAT Machine can come with 1, 2 or 3 taggers, so if you have more than one tag being applied, the MAT machine can handle it.  Our customers have told us they can tag over 900 pieces an hour with this system.  If you’re looking for ways to lower costs and speed up production, this is system for you. 

The printer and tagging machine can be sold separately if only part of this system makes sense for you.  Please contact us today for a full assessment of what fits your needs.